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Hardy, strong, energetic and incredibly fast - longdogs were bred for the sole purpose of participating in dog races. At the end of the twentieth century, breeding work began on breeding dogs that would be ahead of all existing breeds in running speed. In order to get such dogs, it was decided to cross between themselves greyhounds. The Greyhound was chosen as the basis, which was crossed with the Scottish greyhound, Spanish galgo and Afghan, Azawak and Saluki. England became the homeland for the new breed, but here these dogs are most popular. The International Kennel Federation has not yet recognized this breed.

With active and long walks, a long dog can be a great companion. Walking representatives of this breed should be away from the roads and not to lose vigilance, they have a very strong instinct for chasing. In the house, these dogs are calm and unobtrusive, like all greyhounds to some extent independent. They have a pleasant character, they are friendly with all members of the family, quietly get along with other pets, good-natured with children. Training of dogs of this breed should be started as early as possible, already at the age of 8 months the puppy can be raised.

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Caring for a longdog is no different from caring for other breeds. It is necessary to comb out the hair from time to time, brush your teeth, and cut your nails (this procedure should be carried out very carefully, representatives of this breed are very painfully experiencing limb injuries). In general, this is a healthy breed, but sometimes these dogs are diagnosed with periodontal disease, intestinal torsion, osteosarcoma, cardiomyopathy and hypothyroidism. It should be noted the tendency of longdogs to obesity, they need a diet. Also, do not forget about timely vaccination. These dogs live on average 10-13 years.

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Since they are hybrids, longdogs vary depending on the breed that was used in the cross. They can be as greyhound or large as a wolfhound. Their coat will also vary with breeding. Some have short coats, some have long coats and some have broken coats.

Longdog crosses

Common longdog crosses Saluki crossed with Borzyme, dirhound crossed with Greyhound and Whippata crossed with Borzyme. These dogs are usually bred for the same purposes as the Lurcher, but tend to have a higher speed, in contrast to the usually greater stamina and training in Lurcher.

  • Saluki x Greyhound is especially valued as a hare running dog in the UK, and more recently in the US for hares (usually black hare tail and white hare tail). It is better to have Saluki’s endurance and heat resistance along with Borzoi’s acceleration and drive.
  • Deerhound x Greyhound is considered the top fox and greyhound deer in the UK with good stamina and weather resistance. In the USA, apparently, was the basis of the American Staghound (coyote greyhound). In Australia, the earliest English settlers crossed the Deerhound and greyhounds to hunt kangaroos, wallabies and emus, which they relied heavily on for food in the land was difficult to farm. To this day, Australia's Dog Roo or Aussie Staghound, as the cross is generally known, is used to hunt foxes, hares, hares, and even wild boars. This, according to many, is the oldest dog breed in Australia, despite not being recognized as a breed at all.
  • Whippy dog ​​is appreciated for its compactness, acceleration, maneuverability, resistance, heat resistance and quick recovery. Depending on the individual characteristics of the dog, it can be successfully used for the entire game in the UK, but excels at Lamping rabbits, and, as a rule, a decent racehorse.


Lurchers initially kept catching rabbits when driven out of their holes. In the early 1950s, myxomatosis destroyed most rabbits ( Ryctolagus cuniculus ) in Western Europe, but does not affect hares ( Lepus igoraeiz ) We needed fast dogs for running, or running down hares (a hare can run at speeds up to 72 km / h / 45 mph.) Longdogs was developed, mixing different types to get a dog with a preferred course style. Kursing with a thoroughbred greyhound is still considered the "elite" sport.


Longdog is a breed bred in the UK by purposefully crossing different breeds of greyhounds in order to obtain hardy running dogs.

Longdog can be great companions and pets for those who live outside the city and can provide dogs with a long daily walk.

The standard is not developed, FCI is not accepted.

Homeland: United Kingdom.
Origin: end of 20th century
Appointment: a running dog.
Usage today: running dog.
Color: diverse.

Exterior: due to the fact that the standard is not established, these dogs do not have a single exterior. In general, a longdog is a long-legged dog, such as a greyhound with a small head, an elongated and narrowed muzzle, a long tail that is worn with a hung, deep strong chest and a somewhat stretched body.

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